Barber & More

Congratulations on going natural.

With over 50 years of barbering experience, Barber and More has created a top­notch line of botanical products that take an all­natural approach to hair care. This family owned, USA operated company focuses on producing products that use only the most naturally advanced and beneficial ingredients.

By adopting an organic approach to hair care, Barber and More products are able to replenish the strength and vitality of hair, no matter how untamed and damaged it may be. In using super hydrating ingredients such as vanilla bean and Shea butter, hair is hydrated from root to tip, allowing moisture to be replenished immediately and cling to each strand long after use. Marula oil ­— often referred to as the “miracle” oil in the beauty industry ­— is a top ingredient used in Barber and More products and, when partnered with Argan and tea tree oils, results in gentle hair care products that fight frizz and tame flyaways on contact, transforming troubled tresses to luscious locks and allowing hair of all types to become supple, smooth and more vibrant with each use.


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